The scope of ICITACEE 2021 submission are:

Information and Computer Technologies

Software Engineering, Data Mining, Multimedia Technology, Mobile Computing, Parallel Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization and Computer Graphic, Computer Vision, Augmented/Virtual Reality (VR), Conceptual models of information systems, Data warehousing, Database Management, IT-Governance, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web, High Performance Computing (HPC).

Power Systems

Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Conversion, Protection Systems, Electric Motor and Drives, Power Electronics, Fast Charging Technology, Distributed Power Generation System, and Microgrid.

Telecommunications and Vehicular Technologies

Network Protocol and Management, Telecommunication System, Internet of Things (IoT), LORA WAN, NB-IoT, Name Defined Network (NDN), Software Defined Network (SDN), Software Defined Radio (SDR), Power Efficient Telecommunication Systems, Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (Sensor Networks, VANET, DTN), Cognitive Radio, Cooperative Communications, Radio Resource Management and Optimization, Information Theory and Coding Systems, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications.

Control and Circuits

Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Control Systems, Robotics, Embedded System, Microelectronics

Green Applications and Interdisciplinary Topic

Green Applications in Transportation, Smart Building, Smart House, Smart Campus, and Smart City, Biomedical Instrumentation, Renewable Energy, Speech & Audio Processing, Image Processing


Three ISBN publications will be produced with all the accepted and presented papers. Accepted and presented papers will be submitted for uploading to the IEEE Xplore digital library.